Emma Bourassa

 The following can be read in any order. The first document is a series of values statements that are supported with concrete examples of actions and an explanation to put things into context. Four areas of importance to me as I try to separate (difficult as they overlap and intertwine) aspects of my teaching are to be: a lifelong learner, a reflective practitioner, learner focused, and a collaborative educator. These categories may change over time, as will the dossier and the artifacts included here. The artifacts were chosen to provide a variety of examples to support my thoughts on what teaching is for me and how it impacts myself and learners. Have a look- I'd love some feedback which you can do in the Contact me page.

I am very grateful for the experience in the summer of 2012 at the University of Windsor and my mentor for this project, Dr. Alan Wright. This is a work in progress. 

Bourassa dossier 2017.docx Bourassa dossier 2017.docx
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Lifelong Learning.pdf Lifelong Learning.pdf
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Reflective Practitioner.pdf Reflective Practitioner.pdf
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Learner Focused.pdf Learner Focused.pdf
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Collaborative Educator.pdf Collaborative Educator.pdf
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