Emma Bourassa

Initial planning stages for a curriculum research project resulting in an Experiential Learning curriculum capstone course. 

Final Draft MEd curriculum.doc Final Draft MEd curriculum.doc
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Master of Education Curriculum Studies project: A Curriculum for Intercultural Travellers


 The Educational Developers Caucus focus for 2010 was  Intercultural Explorations: Authentic Learning in Intercultural Contexts.  I interviewed students and asked them to translate "Teaching and Learning". Interestingly, they don't all translate directly! This became the cover of the conference booklet.


Chile Scope and Sequence April 14.doc Chile Scope and Sequence April 14.doc
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This is a beginning plan for a curriculum project for elementary teachers in Chile done in 2007. 


When students were given a choice on how to express their learning, I got erasure poetry, short story and comparison that used concepts and theories from the course. This was so fun! 

Above is an example of  how I approach online learning. I begin with a course booklet to help it feel more 'real'. The pages turn by clicking on the bottom right.

058 Day 1.pub 058 Day 1.pub
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 In an effort to simplify course outcomes and expectations, I added a newsletter approach to the course outline.  058 Day 1 is an example of what's included. This is very much what the Teaching Perspectives Inventory would describe as an Apprenticeship approach.

Int Eyes Learning Outcomes 2011.pptx Int Eyes Learning Outcomes 2011.pptx
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As part of a four day inservice Inernational Eyesing Curriculum faculty development program, we explore writing learning outcomes. After the presentation, individuals practice writing outcomes for their own course.  This proved to be not as straightforward as I thought, so more time was added in the 2012 session.

Writing Center Tutoring ESL students.docx Writing Center Tutoring ESL students.docx
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I was invited to support volunteer students in the Writing Centre as the number of International students using the centre had increased. My aim was to provide some task-based learning exercises that would provide the learners with strategies that they could use beyond the centre.  

As part of a 4 day program, faculty explore how they can internationalize, interculturalize and indigenize their curriculum. From creating a whole new course, to revising a current course.  

Here is an example of a plan to co-facilitate a session for students. The tasks are directly or indirectly related to learning outcomes that come from a larger program developed for students to learn and practice leadership attitudes, skills and knowledge.


My blog - a new intiative to have a place to build and share my experiences with emerging pedagogies for students of this time:


A Timeline for New to TRU V7 Sept 2010.doc A Timeline for New to TRU V7 Sept 2010.doc
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Learning the nuances of programs and departmental systems can take a long time and cause undue stress. In an effort to answer some questions that new faculty may not have known they had, I developed this handbook and have revisited it over the last 8 years, adding in what new faculty would like to have known.